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Framing: How to Protect and Preserve Artwork

Framing: How to Protect and Preserve Artwork

Here are some quick tips on how to go about framing your newly purchased original artwork and prints.

  1. As with all artwork, direct sunlight should be avoided to protect the work from fading. I recommend using museum glass which is non-glare and doesn’t compromise on color or image visibility. 
  2. When handling the work, hold it by the edges of the paper to minimize any oil transfer from your hands.
  3. If using tape to mount to a mat, using an acid-free artist's tape is recommended, and for all other backing materials, use acid-free paper.
  4. Mats are not only used to make the artwork stand out but serve as a layer of protection with the glass. Choose a color from the artwork you want to bring out with a colored mat, or let the artwork be the focus with a white mat. Don’t forget - use an acid-free mat!
  5. We may not control the weather, but we can maintain the environment of our artwork. Ensure the temperature is consistent between 70-75 °F and the humidity within 40-50%. The key is - consistency - drastic temperature changes can cause cracking, warping, and molding of the artwork. 

These five simple tips will help preserve your artwork, and your wallet, for years to come. Get creative and start framing your Catherine Elizabeth artwork today!

Signature of Catherine Elizabeth

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Oct 03, 2023 • Posted by Elina Brooks

It’s good that you highlighted how framing helps preserve and protect our artwork as long as we properly control the environment in the painting will be placed, by making sure the temperature stays consistent between 70-75 °F and the humidity within 40-50% to avoid warping, cracking, and other issues. I recently got into painting as a hobby, so I wanted to have the ones I’m proud of framed in my living room. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for custom art framing services to hire for help soon. https://www.theartofframing.com.au/custom-picture-framing/

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