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Floral Ginger Jars

Catherine’s floral series blossomed during the Covid-19 lockdown, finding inspiration from her love of flowers and her mother’s blue & white ginger jar collection.

Greenery - Print
I set out to design a more modern, structured, and impactful version of the traditional ginger jar vase. The container is simple and straightforward, and the various shades of green and blue add a lot of texture.Details:- Giclée fine art print pro...
Sunflowers - Print
Sunflowers are warm, welcoming, and full of joy! They seem to have fun and an everlasting optimistic view of life. The iconic ginger jar with its rounded hourglass shape is created with a twist, emulating the tall and distinctive sunflower. Layers...
Floral Arrangement - Print
from $29.00
I couldn’t have made the Ginger Jar collection without an arrangement of bold and bright flowers; I am a big fan of color! I started with a light sketch and the vision of a blue and white vase full of playful florals. I searched the vast pages of ...
Eucalyptus - Print
The fresh minty pine scent with a hint of honey and the bright leafy greens of the Eucalyptus plant comes to life in this whimsical collage. The ginger jar vase's slender and sleek outline and delicate detailing made of found colors of cut newspap...
Flower Shop - Print
As a child, a flower shop was on my list of many business ventures. But instead, I decided to create it out of paper! It's always exciting to look through the retired newspapers' vast pages for found colors and textures to create a cohesive image....
Tulips - Print
I came across a page within the newspaper with a bold pinkish-red advertisement that fit my vision for this piece. I carefully cut small oblong shapes and clustered them into threes to create the floral part of the tulip. I then hunted for a brigh...
Hydrangeas - Print
The "Hydrangeas" was the first of the floral collection. I created it at the beginning of the Covid-19 shutdowns. Spring was on the horizon, but many weeks of cold, dreary days were left in Chicago. I needed to make something bright and comfortin...