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Are You an Artist?

Are You an Artist?

A podcast I recently listened to discussed the idea that some creatives have difficulty embracing the title of artist. The podcaster/artist argued that if you can answer yes to this one question, then are you an artist. “Are you dedicated to practicing your craft?”

I resonated with this topic and often have difficulty saying I am an artist. The podcaster elaborated, "Ultimately, we all create in different ways, through different mediums, inspirations, & emotions. An artist’s life takes many various forms, but as long as you are willing to practice and be dedicated to your craft - YOU ARE AN ARTIST."

I often come back to this question and remind myself I am an artist. It may not be using paints, watercolors, or pastels, as I often think of an artist. Still, I’m dedicated to practicing my collage and continuing the quest of finding found textures in the newspaper to create images that inspire and create joy and nostalgia for places visited near and far.


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