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Curiosity, Creativity, and a Touch of Serendipity

Catherine Elizabeth is a newspaper collage artist with a background in corporate events, but now prefers the exploratory and tactile nature of creating in the studio. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she rediscovered a long-loved medium: collaging with newspaper. Initially inspired by summers spent in Northern Michigan, her work celebrates her past and present surroundings in a bright and honest way. Her collages are meticulous—hundreds of pieces of newspaper are carefully hand-cut and torn little-by-little until the shapes are just right. The quest for colors in the vast pages of retired newspapers keeps her curious. No matter the subject, the composition of her work creates many layers and rich textures without the use of paint. Through Catherine’s work, she invites you to look a little closer—you never know what you might discover.

Newspaper Collage Artist

Folks ask all the time, "how do you find all this color in just the newspaper?" It's true—color dots the pages of newspapers. Catherine spends many hours scouring newspaper pages for collections of color. Examine one for yourself sometime!

Subjects Near the Heart

Catherine Elizabeth captures her surroundings and memories—summers in Northern Michigan, fresh flowers brought home from the market, precious Chicago architecture—to hold them in time and share them with others.