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A closeup of the Chicago Workers cottage collage.

Chicago Residential Architecture

Chicago has incredible architecture not only downtown but within its many neighborhoods. Catherine's collection focuses on the historical significance of Chicago's residential architecture and the threats to preserving these historic homes.
Chicago Greystone - Print
The iconic two and three-flat greystones around my neighborhood have such ornate detailing and majestic grandeur that I had to create a collage of one. Piece by piece, grey newspaper bits resemble the historic homes that line many Chicago streets....
Chicago Bungalow - Print
The Chicago Bungalow is known for its brick facade, bay windows, and a welcoming porch with steps ascending to street level. The window box adds an extra bit of charm to the quaint and historic home. From a sketch to a collage, this design took lo...
Chicago Workers Cottage - Print
Workers Cottages are a Chicago architectural staple with a simple design and a triangular street-facing gable. The homes were built to help reconstruct the city after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. I enjoyed learning about the history of this res...