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Northern Michigan

Catherine was inspired by the beautiful landscape of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Northern Michigan. She spent her summers there as a child, and she continues to visit each year.
Big and Little Glen Lake - Print
from $29.00
This artwork is of Big and Little Glen Lake, from one of the scenic overlooks along Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive in Empire, Michigan. There are many hidden gems connecting it to the Leelanau area due to cutting and tearing bits of a local newspape...
D.H.Day Barns - Print
from $29.00
The famous D.H. Day farm stretches along M-109 in Northern Michigan. In the summer months, I ride my bike to view the iconic barn's architectural symmetry, softened by a field of tall green grass moving gracefully in the wind. The countless cut an...
Empire Bluff - Print
Empire Bluff trail has one of my favorite views in Northern Michigan. The hike begins with walking through the woods and ends with the boundless blue seascape of Lake Michigan. The best time to go is the evening hours when the sun is setting, and...
Glen Haven Canning Co. - Print
from $29.00
This is the first piece I ever made. You may be able to tell based on the style, which is a bit different from the rest of my Northern Michigan collection. The artwork is of Glen Haven Canning Company, which sits on the shore of Lake Michigan, onc...
Lake Michigan - Print
from $29.00
Jumping in the waves, searching under the crystal clear water for Petoskey stones, cooling off from a warm summer day, no salt water in the eyes, and no worries about sharks! All the many reasons to love Lake Michigan. The cut blue newspaper piece...
Lake Michigan Between the Birch - Print
from $29.00
Nothing is better than finding a hidden sandy path lined with birch trees leading you to Lake Michigan. The white bark created from the edge of the newspaper and found sandy textures from the advertisements perfectly capture the view of Michigan's...
Summer is for Cherries - Print
from $29.00
"Summer is for Cherries" is one of my three original pieces, which I created in the heart of Sleeping Bear Dunes. On a whim, I made the first few bodies of work by looking at a photo I took and started cutting, gluing, and hoping for the best! Loo...
Sunrise on Little Glen Lake - Print
from $29.00
One morning I woke up to watch the sunrise on Little Glen. The orange and yellow elements from a photo I found (of a sunset) in the newspaper perfectly matched the sun's morning glow rising above Alligator Hill. The water - made with parts of an i...
Thyme Inn - Print
from $29.00
The Thyme Inn, another favorite place of mine in Northern Michigan, sits in the quaint town of Glen Arbor. It's a bustling Bed & Breakfast housing tourists all summer long and always adorned with gorgeous flowers. I always dreamt of owning an ...