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Art Studio Makeover!

Art Studio Makeover!

Before I got this studio, I was working from my kitchen table, covering my apartment floor with tiny bits of newspaper. It has been about six months since setting up shop, and I am still pinching myself that I have a designated space to continue using yesterday’s newspaper to capture what I dream up today. I always daydreamed of having a room with bright white walls and natural light where I could explore and create.

Catherine's art studio before. A dark and cold office space with cream walls.  Catherine's art studio after. Bright with a neutral color pallet and crisp white walls

While in the studio, you will usually find me with a cup of coffee, collaging and dancing to any upbeat playlist, or learning something new from a business podcast. (Singer Marc Broussard and the podcast, How I Built This are my current favorites). The music helps me focus and eliminate all the distractions of being a small business owner while exploring, playing, and discovering the world of collage. And of course, Charlie, my mischievous three-year-old Goldendoodle, usually is sprawled out on the cement floor cooling down from the hot summer sun. She often critiques my work as well. :)

Catherine and her mini-goldendoodle, Charlie.

I get most of my ideas while walking Charlie around my Chicago neighborhood. I always looked at the historic homes along our route to pass the time and often saw many historic homes demolished, which inspired my residential architecture collection. During my early morning walks with Miss Charlie, I carefully studied the historic homes’ elements I wanted to incorporate into each collage.

Catherine works on a collage at her antique drafting table.

I tend to collage whenever I feel the desire; I find a schedule too strict and burdensome. However, my business side gets me moving even when I don’t want to. Once the bits of newspaper pieces begin fitting together and finding the right textures, the hours slip away, and it’s hard to stop.

Catherine collaging with newspaper in her art studio.

The first time I entered the office space, I knew exactly how I wanted to transform it into a fresh and clean art studio. I love colors, like VERY bright colors, especially pink, but I decided to go the simple, calming route with the paint and decor. I couldn't help but give this room a makeover. After all, an artist must be surrounded by aesthetically pleasing things, right!? I couldn’t imagine staring at those walls! Although, after many trips to Home Depot for more cans of paint, I often wondered what I was doing! But, it paid off with help from a willing friend, coffee, and some tunes; I no longer had to look at the typical cream-colored Chicago apartment walls.

Catherine Elizabeth sitting on her bench seat near the window.

Thanks for touring my art studio with me! I hope you have enjoyed it and learned a thing or two. Below is a list of my studio furnishings to help inspire you with your creative space!

  • Pillows: HomeGoods - This window seat had to have lots of fun pillows on it - I couldn't resist. It also helped soften the room with all the hard surfaces. 
  • Gold Arched Lamp: HomeGoods - I think this store may be the best place on earth. You can’t go wrong with additional lighting, which is especially helpful during those late-night studio sessions. 
  • Rug: Wayfair - I wanted a rug to help make the room feel cozier, and it helps absorb and reduce noise.
  • Plants: Hobby Lobby - I do not have a green thumb, so I opted for some artificial plants. They really help brighten up the space and makes it feel fresh. 
  • Chair & Ottoman: Walmart - I wanted a comfortable chair to work on the administrative side of my business when I needed a break from my desk. 
  • Drafting desk & stools: FREE - I originally envisioned an all-wooden table to add warmth & a natural element to the space. Luckily, my uncle had an old drafting table and two stools that fit perfectly. The table has made the whole room come together, and I love it!

Happy decorating, 

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Aug 18, 2022 • Posted by Jason S.

Thanks for sharing where you got your decor! I appreciate that it doesn’t take a five-digit budget to outfit an attractive and functional creative space.

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